Mosaic Art

Step-by-Step Guide

Dive into the mesmerizing world of mosaic art with our step-by-step guide. Unveil the secrets behind transforming ordinary glass into radiant lamps, discovering the magic of creativity at every mosaic moment.


Workshop Timeflow




A. Make Your Design


Applying Mosaics


A. Apply Glue
B. Transfer Design
C. Finalize Design


Filling the Gaps


A. Fill the Gaps
B. Apply Glue for Beads
C. Add Beads




It's important to ensure
that the glue has
completely dried.




A. Mix Grout Powder
B. Apply the Mixture
C. Remove Excessive Coating

Color Palette Ideas

We've put together some color palettes inspired by iconic places in
Turkey just for you! You're welcome to use any one of these palettes
or create your very own.


STEP 1 : Designing

A. Make your designCreate a unique, traditional Turkish pattern on a glass with 2-3 main and 2-4 smaller patterns. Add colored glass one by one on the paper.

Get inspired by the Traditional Turkish patterns presented in the workshop or unleash your creativity to craft an exclusive design. Depending on the size of the glass you are making, we generally recommend 2-3 main patterns and 2-4 smaller patterns. After choosing the pattern, gradually add colored glasses onto it. When you feel confident with your final arrangement, you're done with this step. Happy crafting!


STEP 2 : Applying Mosaics

A. APPLY GLUEApply glue to the glass globe, ensuring it's spread thinly and evenly.

Gently squeeze the glue bottle and spread a thin layer on the glass globe, ensuring it isn't too thick or too thin. The glue dries quickly, so apply it to an area that's as big as a single pattern or smaller.If too much glue has been applied, the mosaic tiles may slide on the surface and become difficult to handle. A quick fix for this is to use the tip of the glue bottle to spread the excess glue evenly.If you accidentally get glue on the top of your mosaics, don't worry. Just let the glue dry and then it can be removed with ease. So even if you gave it your best shot, remember to be patient and let the glue completely dry before trying to remove it.

b. Transfer Your DesignTransfer mosaic pieces to the globe one by one. Start from the center for easier placement and fix the glasses in place by pressing them gently.

Transfer the patterns from the paper onto the glass globe, placing each piece one by one. Start from the center of the design to ensure proper alignment, and work your way outwards to complete the beautiful pattern. And as you place each piece of glass, be sure to press them lightly to secure them in place perfectly. With a bit of patience and precision, you'll soon have a gorgeous piece of art to display with pride!


STEP 3 : Filling the Gaps

A. Apply Glue for BeadsApply glue to the glass where you want to add beads. Use a moderate amount of glue, but not too much, and apply it to a small area.

Apply glue to the desired area of your glass where adding beads. We recommend applying the glue to a small, measured area, avoiding over/underuse. For this project, you may consider using slightly more glue compared to what is used for mosaic patterns, but be cautious not to overdo it.

b. Add BeadsApply mixed beads on glue. Pack tightly in one layer, covering the entire globe with no gaps.

Take your mixed beads and pour them on the area where you applied the glue earlier. Don't worry if it seems like you've put too many beads - you haven't! Once you've poured them, gently use the back of your tweezers to push down and squeeze the beads together. Repeat this process until the entire globe is covered with no gaps. Ensure the beads are tightly packed with only one layer.

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Absolutely thrilled with the mosaic workshop! The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. I created a stunning piece that I'm proud to display in my home. Highly recommend Mosaic Art Studio for an unforgettable creative experience!


Attended a birthday party at Mosaic Art Studio and it was a blast! The kids had a fantastic time creating their own mosaic artworks. The staff was friendly, attentive, and great with the children. It was a memorable and unique celebration. Thank you!


The corporate workshop at Mosaic Art Studio exceeded our expectations! The engaging activities and collaborative environment boosted teamwork and creativity among our team members.

Artwork by Students

Be inspired by some of our students' creative masterpieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

STEP 4: Grouting

a. Mix Grout Powder

To start, pour 30ml of water into the measuring cup. Then, slowly add the grout mix while continuously stirring using the plastic stick until the desired texture, similar to toothpaste, is achieved.

b. Apply The Mixture

To apply the mixture, you can use either the provided plastic stick or your hand. Make sure to spread the grout evenly over each hole to avoid any gaps and ensure a polished finish. Wait for 10 - 20 minutes for the grout to set in and work its magic.

c. Remove Excessive Coating

To clean the glass globe mosaic, first soak the sponge in clean water. Gently brush the whole surface with the wet sponge. If the sponge gets dirty, soak it again and repeat the brushing gently until you can see the vibrant colours of the glass and beads.For the mosaic pieces, it's enough to clean the surface. However, to enhance the beauty of the beads, remove the grout and leave 50% of their tops uncovered.