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Make Your Own Mosaic Lamp

We offer DIY Mosaic Art Workshops where you can create your personalized lamps!

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Turkish Mosaic Art Workshops

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Illuminate Your Craft - Spark Accomplishment with Every Mosaic Piece!

Design and create your unique mosaic lamp, exploring the artistry of Turkish traditions. A vibrant blend of creativity and culture, your masterpiece awaits.

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No Experience or Prior Knowledge Required

Create an everlasting gift for your loved ones with your own creativity or with traditional patterns provided while no experience or prior knowledge is required.


Make Your Own

Enlighten your nights with the traditional Turkish lamp that you build piece by piece by using different-shaped hand-cut glasses and beads.


Experience Turkish Culture

Moreover you will have a chance to experience Turkish Culture with decorations , musical instruments and tools to make Turkish Coffee and tea with all the explanations around in our studio.

Turkish Coffee Workshops

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Savor the Sands of Time – Brew Tradition and Taste Culture

Embark on a sensory journey with our Turkish coffee workshop. Learn the meticulous art of brewing, explore aromatic beans, and savor the rich heritage in every delightful cup.

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Experience the Art
of Brewing

Learn traditional techniques of making Turkish coffee using sand. Discover the unique culture and history behind this centuries-old beverage.


Cultural Heritage

Celebrate Turkish coffee's UNESCO recognition as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Interactive and Educational

Start with a presentation on the significance of Turkish coffee. Live demonstration by an expert instructor. Hands-on experience brewing your own Turkish coffee on the sand.

Book a Private Workshop With Us

Relish the vivid experience of mosaic lamp making with your family, friends, and colleagues at Mosaic Art Studio, your workplace or even online.

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Corporate & Team Building Events

Our DIY workshops offer a wonderful chance for your team toconnect, collaborate, and enjoythemselves while crafting a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you'll proudly exhibit in your home. There's nothing quite as special as fostering a bond with your colleagues during an inspiring and hands-on DIY experience!

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Private Parties

Mosaic Art Studio offers workshops for bridal showers, birthdays, bachelorette parties, neighborhood gatherings, team sports or any other fun reason to get a group together and create!

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Community Events

Our workshops cater to a wide range of groups including scouts, sororities, sports teams, foundations, and charities.
Join us for a mosaic lamp workshop, where you can connect with like-minded individuals while supporting a meaningful cause. We strive to create a fun and interactive atmosphere, making it effortless to come together with your community and raise funds for your foundation or group. Let creativity and inspiration thrive in this unique gathering space.​

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What Our Clients Say

Real stories from clients who experienced the magic of our mosaics. Their words reflect the passion and dedication we pour into every piece of art.                 


Our Esteemed Partners

We are honored to collaborate with leading corporations that share our vision of art without borders. Together, we're crafting not just mosaics, but experiences.

student outputs

Artwork Gallery

Selected Artworks - 81 (4).jpeg__PID:da99c3c9-d499-41c9-afe7-01bd6bb7c5d1Lampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (56) (1).jpg__PID:df0b00cf-dd16-4448-b3c2-f6cb53be1b16
Selected Artworks - 34.jpeg__PID:9911c92f-e701-4d6b-b7c5-d17f7e2627f1Selected Artworks - 74.jpeg__PID:c3c9d499-11c9-4fe7-81bd-6bb7c5d17f7e
Selected Artworks - 24 (2).jpeg__PID:11c92fe7-01bd-4bb7-85d1-7f7e2627f19cSelected Artworks - 2 (4).jpeg__PID:2fe701bd-6bb7-45d1-bf7e-2627f19c01f6
Lampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (78) (1).jpg__PID:9746c163-4e6b-4bcd-81b7-660f3608cf48Lampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (50) (1).jpg__PID:15df0b00-cfdd-4664-88b3-c2f6cb53be1b
Lampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (15) (1).jpg__PID:60283415-df0b-40cf-9d16-6448b3c2f6cbLampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (4) (1).jpg__PID:6b9bcd41-b766-4f36-88cf-482221b67f8d
Lampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (71) (1).jpg__PID:46c1634e-6b9b-4d41-b766-0f3608cf4822Lampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (38) (1).jpg__PID:634e6b9b-cd41-4766-8f36-08cf482221b6
Lampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (79) (1).jpg__PID:7f9746c1-634e-4b9b-8d41-b7660f3608cfLampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (47) (1).jpg__PID:c1634e6b-9bcd-41b7-a60f-3608cf482221
Lampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (68) (1).jpg__PID:cfdd1664-48b3-42f6-8b53-be1b1671ddbdLampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (18) (1).jpg__PID:4e6b9bcd-41b7-460f-b608-cf482221b67f
Lampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (85) (1).jpg__PID:6448b3c2-f6cb-43be-9b16-71ddbd05b615
Lampoption2021-2 (1)-PhotoRoom (81) (1).jpg__PID:166448b3-c2f6-4b53-be1b-1671ddbd05b6
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Arrive at Our Studio

Our workshops start on time, so you’ll want to arrive early to get settled! You can start thinking about the endless creative possibilities ahead, take photos with friends.

Guided Workshop Experience

You’ll be guided by our expert instructors throughout each step in the workshop. Our workshops are typically about 2-3 hours long.

Wait for the Magic to Happen

Our workshops start on time, so you’ll want to arrive early to get settled! You can start thinking about the endless creative possibilities ahead, take photos with friends.

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Hear What Our Customers Say


Absolutely thrilled with the mosaic workshop! The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. I created a stunning piece that I'm proud to display in my home. Highly recommend Mosaic Art Studio for an unforgettable creative experience!


Attended a birthday party at Mosaic Art Studio and it was a blast! The kids had a fantastic time creating their own mosaic artworks. The staff was friendly, attentive, and great with the children. It was a memorable and unique celebration. Thank you!


The corporate workshop at Mosaic Art Studio exceeded our expectations! The engaging activities and collaborative environment boosted teamwork and creativity among our team members.

Artwork by Students

Be inspired by some of our students' creative masterpieces.

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