Turkish Calligraphy Workshops in Pittsburgh - Mosaic Art Studio US
Turkish Calligraphy Workshops in Pittsburgh - Mosaic Art Studio US
Turkish Calligraphy Workshops in Pittsburgh - Mosaic Art Studio US
Turkish Calligraphy Workshops in Pittsburgh - Mosaic Art Studio US
Turkish Calligraphy Workshops in Pittsburgh - Mosaic Art Studio US
Turkish Calligraphy Workshops in Pittsburgh - Mosaic Art Studio US
Turkish Calligraphy Workshops in Pittsburgh - Mosaic Art Studio US

Turkish Calligraphy Workshops in Pittsburgh

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Create Your Own Masterpiece  

📍 Turkish Cultural Center, 1459 Crane Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 1522

Skill Level: No experience required

Suitable For: Individuals, couples, team-building activities, and parties

Age Limit: 8+

Price: Start from $59 per person

Duration: 2.5 hours - Please check the detailed workshop structure below

Registration: Online registration only. No walk-ins are accepted. Check our workshop calendar for more information.

In this engaging and insightful workshop, you will learn the beautiful art of Turkish calligraphy, also known as Ottoman calligraphy, from scratch. Discover the historical significance, spiritual connection, artistic complexity, cultural expression, and aesthetic appeal of this captivating art form while mastering the techniques to create your very own calligraphy masterpiece.

Materials & Equipment Used in the Workshop  

  • Chisel-tip markers

  • Parallel Pilot pens

  • Workbooks with practice sheets

  • Paper (for practice)

  • Ceramic plates (for advanced techniques)

  • Canvas (for creating final pieces)

What to expect?  

  1. Introduction:

    • Welcome participants and introduce the workshop.

    • Briefly explain the history and significance of Turkish calligraphy.

    • Show examples of different Turkish calligraphy styles.

  1. Basics of Turkish Calligraphy:

    • Learn basic strokes and shapes common in Turkish calligraphy.

    • Demonstrate how to hold chisel-tip markers and Parallel Pilot pens for optimal control.

    • Allow participants to practice basic strokes using their workbooks.

  1. Writing Lowercase Letters:

    • Teach lowercase letters individually, one by one.

    • Encourage participants to practice each letter in their workbooks.

    • Provide individual guidance and tips.

  1. Short Break:

    • Give participants time to relax, ask questions, and grab refreshments.

  1. Writing Uppercase Letters:

    • Move on to uppercase letters.

    • Explain the differences between uppercase and lowercase forms.

    • Guide participants in practicing uppercase letters.

  1. Writing Words and Phrases:

    • Show how to connect letters to form words and phrases.

    • Have participants create their own words or short phrases using their new skills.

  1. Advanced Techniques:

    • Introduce the use of ceramic plates for texture and design.

    • Demonstrate how to use Parallel Pilot pens for finer details.

    • Encourage participants to experiment on ceramic plates and canvas.

  1. Create Final Pieces:

    • Provide a canvas for participants to create their own Turkish calligraphy artwork.

    • Offer assistance and suggestions as they work on their projects.


After learning and practicing Turkish calligraphy techniques, you will create your own unique calligraphy artwork on paper or canvas. This final project will serve as a test of your newfound skills and a beautiful keepsake to remember the workshop by.

What You'll Take Home  

  • Chisel-tip markers

  • Workbooks with practice sheets

  • Your unique

Custom-Made Calligraphy Options  

Our talented tutor doesn't just teach Turkish calligraphy, he can create exquisite custom-made calligraphy pieces for you as well. These personalized artworks are perfect for gifting or adding a touch of elegance to your home decor. The mediums available for custom-made calligraphy include:

  1. Paper (without frames): The tutor will create your custom calligraphy on an 11x17 inch paper. This option offers flexibility, as you can choose your own frame to match your interior style.

  1. Canvas (with frame): For a more traditional art piece, opt for a 12x16 inch canvas with a frame. This option gives a classic look and feel to your custom calligraphy.

  1. Ceramic (white): For something unique, why not choose a 12-inch white ceramic plate? This unconventional medium can transform your custom calligraphy into a statement piece.

Remember, every piece of art created is unique, reflecting the individual character and style of each request.

About Artist 

Benjamin Aysan's journey through life has been a fascinating tapestry of experiences. Born and raised in the vibrant landscapes of Turkey, he initially pursued a career as a chemistry teacher at the Frat Education Center, dedicating a decade to nurturing young minds.

In 2010, Benjamin embarked on a transformative journey with his wife and two children, relocating to the United States. Here, he embraced a new chapter in his life, becoming a passionate advocate for Turkish culture. He assumed leadership roles as the managing of Turkish Cultural Centers in various states, leaving an indelible mark on each community he touched. In Pittsburgh, he volunteered as the Community Outreach Coordinator of the Turkish Cultural Center, fostering connections and understanding among diverse groups.

Yet, Benjamin's heart has always been captivated by the intricate art of calligraphy, a passion he has cultivated for twelve years. His admiration for the calligraphy masters of Turkey led him to not only study their work but also share his own expertise through captivating demonstrations. His talent has graced numerous festivals, including Living Tradition, Erie Asian Festival, and Celebrate Erie, local festivals in the Pittsburgh area among others. In April 2019, he imparted his calligraphy wisdom in Erie Pennsylvania with Eria Arts and Culture Fountain and he had demonstrations at the University of Pittsburgh, inspiring students and enthusiasts alike.

Beyond festivals and classrooms, Benjamin has presented his craft to various organizations and events, sharing the beauty of calligraphy with a wider audience. His artistic journey has been intertwined with the Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation, resulting in collaborative projects that blend heritage with contemporary expression.

In the digital realm, Benjamin shares his artistic endeavors with the world, regularly posting his creations on his Instagram account, "benjaminaysan," and his personal Facebook account. Through his art, he continues to bridge cultural divides, leaving an indelible mark on both his Turkish roots and the communities he has embraced in the United States. Benjamin Aysan is more than an artist; he is a cultural ambassador, educator, and passionate advocate for the beauty of calligraphy.

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