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Discover the Artist in You

About Us

Every culture’s beauty is encapsulated in its art forms. And through the study of those art forms, we can begin to understand the culture - their values, their dedication to their craft, their pride and their stories.

At Mosaic Art Studio, we create experiences that allow you to delve into the culture behind the art, and for a moment, put yourself in the shoes of the artisans themselves. Led by our talented craftspeople, our guests will enjoy the journey of discovering and cultivating their inner artists.

Each experience with Mosaic Art Studio is unique - from our regular workshops, to our cultural nights that transforms our studio into a different destination each time. We hope you will join us in this wondrous cultural exploration.

As we work to bring this connection to more people around the world, we are expanding our locations through a network of franchisees. You can now find us in-person in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Norway, Canada, USA, France, UK and the Netherlands. Come and explore with us!