How to make Aegean Wave Motif Turkish Mosaic Lamp

How to make Aegean Wave Motif Turkish Mosaic Lamp - Mosaic Art Studio US


In Turkish culture, the wavy pattern in our mosaic lamps embodies the rhythmic flow of water, symbolizing life's dynamic nature. Inspired by the graceful movement of streams and oceans, this design connects deeply with nature, portraying the interconnectedness between humanity and the world around us. Beyond its symbolism, the wavy pattern brings versatility to our lamps, adapting gracefully to various color schemes. Crafting each wavy mosaic lamp at Mosaic Art Studio involves a meticulous process, ensuring that every piece is not just an illuminating object but a bespoke masterpiece, capturing the essence of dynamic existence. To create this mesmerizing lamp watch this video or read the steps below:


Step 1: The Central Line

Apply glue on the center of the globe. Don't add too much or else the mosaics may slide off. From the central line of the globe, add a mirrored diamond mosaic followed by light blue, dark blue, then white square mosaics. Then, repeat this pattern until you have lined the entire center of the globe. 


Step 2: Layers of Lines

Add another line above the original central line. On the two open sides of the diamond mosaic, add two light blue squares, then follow the same color pattern of the original line. Repeat until you complete the whole globe. After that, add another line below the central line, use the same pattern but this time add white square mosaics on the two open sides of the diamond mosaic. 



Step 3: Creating Curves

Follow the curve of the base design by adding dark blue squares above and below the pattern we've made. At this point, you'll now have a more prominent wavy design. 



Step 4: Enhancing the Waves

Using the same technique, add curves using white squares above the base pattern. Add another set of curves below the base design but this time use light blue squares. 

Step 5: Bedazzling with Beads

Now get beads of the same color palette. Put them in a bowl and mix them up. Apply the glue onto the empty areas of the globe and pour your beads. Make sure they form just one layer, then use your tweezer to push them down and squeeze together.  

Step 6: Grouting

Create your grout mixture until you reach a toothpaste-like consistency. Using your hand or a plastic stick, spread the grout evenly over each hole to avoid any gaps. Wait for 10-20 minutes for the grout to set in and work its magic. Once the grout has set, gently brush the whole surface with the wet sponge and repeat until you can see the vibrant colors of the glass and beads. 

And there you have it your very own Aegean Wave Motif Turkish Mosaic Lamp!